Why Doing Business As USUAL Is Suicidal

When push comes to shove, the usual businesses die first while the unusual ones stand the test of time!Business is an evolutionary process and only the strong will survive. Your entrance into the world of business can be both a blessing and curse depending on how you approach the world of business. The business terrain is a highly competitive one and gives no room for mediocres. A great deal of businesses has failed as a result of not fully taking cognizance of this fact. More than ever before, the world is crying out for SIGNIFICANT [unusual] businesses. People want businesses that represent something unique and useful; they want companies that are different and making a difference. So if you are going to survive in the business world of today, then doing business as usual is definitely not the road you want to take. You’ve got to be unusual to survive the kind of global competition today’s business world is made up of.The way business as Usual worksIn case you’re wondering what I mean by business as usual, it’s just a simple phrase I use to describe mediocre businesses. They are the businesses that lack a greater purpose for being other than making profits. That is, businesses that are merely existing in their industry but never owning a spot or carving a niche for themselves. They are the businesses that don’t stir up any reaction when mentioned; they are the businesses that don’t generate positive word of mouth; they are the businesses that don’t represent anything in the minds of their customers or prospects; they are the businesses that don’t come up with anything new; they follow all the rules and always prefer things to remain as they have been. They are the businesses no one hears or knows about except from the mouth of their salespeople. They exist only as a number in the marketplace they operate in. They are only good for statistical purposes and are not a major force to reckon with. They are the first to die at the event of any market changes. They are the businesses that thrive on survival because they focus on just making a living by being normal just like everyone else. As we both know, anything that is normal is boring. And therein lies the danger of doing business as usual.You are dead if you’re just like the rest!It’s just simple logic, why would anyone remember your business if there’s nothing remarkable about your business? There are a thousand and one competitions out there and people want to know what’s so unusual about your business that makes you different from all others. Especially at a time like this when the whole world is going through a financially constraining phase, people are more prudent with the way they spend.Meaning, getting money out of people’s pocket ain’t going to be as easy as it used to be. So unless your business is well positioned and well differentiated in the eyes of the prospect and your customers, then making a sale might become increasingly difficult. You have to offer them [the marketplace] a compelling reason why it’s your business they should be dealing with and not the competitions. What would you consistently do to them that would guarantee their loyalty? Answering this question is your only chance of survival in this era of intense business competition.The danger of doing your own thingYou see, the business as usual mindset is especially common amongst small businesses because of the general drive to ‘be their own boss’ and ‘do their own thing’. While there’s nothing wrong with wanting to be your own boss or doing your thing, the real problem with this approach to doing business is the fact that it tends to revolve around you the owner. And once your business is all about you the owner, it becomes increasingly difficult for you to think of your business in other terms other than a tool for meeting your personal and immediate needs. This is where the whole business as usual mindset begins to set in. When you are the only person driving your business, there’s no way you are going to get past the survival mode – what to eat, where to sleep, what to wear.Your focus will not be to do the unusual; your focus will be to get by. Since you don’t see beyond your needs being met when you think of your business, you won’t see any need to do unusual things that will make your business distinct. Your business becomes another 9-5 job that puts food on your table. Nothing else will seem to matter so long as there’s money coming in. In no time, comfortability sets in and maintaining the status quo becomes your only goal. You don’t want to rock the boat; everything is going smoothly, why would you want to do anything silly all in the name of innovation when your customers don’t seem to be complaining about what you’re currently offering? So you plateau and probably think it’s time to put your small business empire on autopilot. But guess what?When money [SURVIVAL] is the FOCUS, business is as USUALI have generally studied most small businesses that end up winding up when there’s a little shaking in the market they operate in. Most of their businesses weren’t anywhere near exciting at the time they existed. Their customers didn’t consider them special neither did their own employees feel they were part of something greater than themselves. All that seemed to matter to the owners was how much money their business was making them.They were no jobs they couldn’t do, every client was a client even though the client requests for inferior work. They represented all sorts of disjointed perceptions in the mind of their customers. You simply couldn’t just place a hand on what they were about, except that they were more interested in collecting money than in adding value.Before long, someone else comes along and takes the bull by the horn in that same industry, by then, it’s already too late for them to make any significant changes. To get past the survival mode, you have to look beyond yourself as the owner of your business and focus on the market you serve. Their needs must always be exceeded and not just being met.Here’s the thing, if all you ever do is meet a customer’s need, then the customer would only be satisfied. He/she will not be angry since they got what they came for. But that’s no different from what others are offering too. For you to get more from a customer, you’ve got to do more than they asked for.Here’s what I mean; to be memorable in the mind of the customer means you’ve got to do something unusual, something they never anticipated. Through your product or service, their expectation and perception about what you are offering must be elevated beyond the general industry standard, that’s the only way you can be remembered.You want your business to occupy the highest position in their mind when compared to all others in your industry. You want them to associate your business with a particular and unusual idea. You want your business to be the reference point in your industry, that’s what really being unusual means. To occupy an irreplaceable position in the customer and prospect’s mind – to deliver the unexpected. Only when you can take them beyond their wildest expectations will they never stop spreading the message of your unusual business.It’s not WHAT you do, But HOW you Do itThe trap of doing business as usual is mostly associated with the mindset you bring into your business than on what you actually end up doing in your business. It doesn’t matter the market or industry you are in, it doesn’t matter what it is you sell or provide, what matters is how you see and perceive your business and its role in the environment in which you operate.If you see your business as an instrument for making a difference, then you wouldn’t do the usual things common amongst other businesses in your industry. But if you see your business as a personal instrument for your own benefit, then you wouldn’t see any need to do things differently with and through your business.It is often a matter of intention rather than action. It begins with your original intent for going into business. If your intent is to make a difference, you would be different [unusual] and would use your business for something SIGNIFICANT [unique & useful]. In the end, it all boils down to whether you are in business to make a difference or in it to make a living.The benefits of being UNUSUAL· You stand out from the crowd
· Standing out from the crowd makes it easier to be spotted
· Being spotted eliminates all others who are present and increases your odds of success
· Being spotted draws attention towards you and then,
· Makes it easier for you to make an impression
· The impression made will always be remembered
· The remembered impression made turns into a FREE advert for your business through word of mouth
· Eventually, word of mouth brings you more customers to also make an impression on!In the end, it’s only those who are unusual that will be spotted and only those who are spotted will be contacted and those that are contacted will be rewarded with more and more business and enjoy the greatest form of marketing; word of mouth advertising, thus eventually increasing their chances of turning leads into lifetime clients.

Selling Your Business: There Is Always Room For Improvement

It is not an easy task to start your own business, when you start a business you starts it with lots of hope and passion you have worked hard to and did all efforts to make your business common among old businesses, clients and customers. People start a business but after some years with few reasons they sell their business, lest see what are the common reason/problems behind selling a business and what are the alternative solutions of these general problems• I realized that I need some change and I get bored with my old businessIf you are selling your business because of above reason then please don’t sell it try to recall yourself how much you have worked for your business. Do not sell you business just because you get bored doing same thing, try to introduce new things in your business you can even introduce new services.• I realize that I was wrong when I was selecting my business and I chose a wrong professionYou are assured that the next business is according to your interest and you will not change it in future? No, no one can give you assurance about it, you have to change your thinking. You have to accept that you are a business owner and you have no choice because we are human and we love changes but that doesn’t mean we change our profession after few years.• My business was not generating revenueEvery business is good, has bright future and also generate revenue, but it will take time to get settle down even an ice cream takes 5 hours to get set, then how you can imagine that your business will generate after few days? A business is like a balloon it will go up to sky if you hold it nicely. And will be in your hands always if you hold it tightly.• If I select another business I will get more profitThis is human tendency we always think that other side is always good, but it not always no one knows about future it is possible that you will get more profit but on other side it is also possible that you will not. Thus I suggest rather than thinking about these things please concentrate in your business.Now, let’s see what actual reasons you must have before selling a business, or when you must sell a business• If you think you want to expand your businessYes, you must sell your business if you think that you want to sell your business. A business expansion is may be in two ways it may be you are buying another business which is huge and give you a large platform to perform. Second you want to sell your franchises to start your business in different cities• If you want to settle down in different city or countryThis may a genuine reason to sell a business by choice or by any problem many times it happens that we have to shifts from one city to another, sometimes we have to leave a country to get settle down somewhere then you can sell your business• If you are getting an good opportunityMany times it happens that people get opportunity to sell business to their competitor; it may be because he wants to collaborate with you or you want to collaborate with him then go ahead you must sell you business.• If you have encountered a heavy lossUnfortunately, if you had a great loss in your business and not it was almost impossible for you to spend and continue with your business then you must sell it to someone.After answering all above question, decide do you really need to sell your business or there is a room for improvement.

6 Keys To Home Business Success

The Home Business industry is a multi-billion dollar industry, but unfortunately the vast majority of people (more than 95%) never achieve any level of success with it.Why?Because they don’t know the 6 keys to home business success, and they give up before they see results.So many people get started in this industry with the vision of creating massive residual income by telling 5, who tell 5 who tell 5 and they all live happily ever after. Unfortunately, they tell 5, who tell them where to go, and for most people that’s enough rejection to make them throw in the towel and give up all together.Very few people have the fortitude to hear no as next and keep persisting.And even the few who do persist still won’t see the kind of results they want because the system they’ve plugged into is missing one or more of the 6 keys to home business success.What Are The 6 Keys To Home Business Success?
I haven’t been in this industry for decades like many of my mentors have, although I’ve seen enough in a few short years to know what works well and what doesn’t.My first exposure to the home business industry was at a seminar. A speaker at the front of the room was pitching his program on how to get grants and loans from the government. The program sounded great, but near the end he said “who here would like to learn how I really broke free from my job as a garbage man and became financially free?”Of course most of the hands in the room shot up, and he proceeded to go into his home business presentation. After more than 30 minutes of hearing about how these revolutionary products would replace most of the everyday cleaning and self care products in your home a few people in the audience finally started muttering “oh, it’s ______”. I won’t mention the name of the company here, but suffice it to say it’s a very well known company in the network marketing industry.He made an irresistible offer waiving the sign up fees and allowing anyone interested to get started for just $1. He even promised to work with anyone who was serious and to help build our teams for us. Seemed like a great opportunity so my wife and I signed up and bought our starter products. After a few months of paying nearly $100/mo to keep our distributor status and earning a big $2 cheque we bailed.Now in fairness, we didn’t work on building the business either. What I do know is that the 2 people who’ve done very well in that business speak from the stage, and seem to build their business from the hundreds of people in the audience, not from doing milk and cookie parties like they encourage their team to do.My next venture into the home business industry was even more eye opening. This was a program with a high ticket core product. It was a vacation travel package that cost over $3,000. The allure was that with just 12 people in your organization you’d earn 4 times that amount!What should have been a clue though is we were trained to tell people that we invited to see the presentation that “I can’t tell you what it is, you just have to come and see.” if they asked what it was about. What’s interesting is that I saw people make thousands in that company in as little as a couple of weeks. They had people making 6 figures in their first year, but despite my best efforts, I still barely broke even on my initial investment.Today, I’ve sworn off of doing business the old way, and that’s why I’m excited to share the 6 keys to home business success with you today, to hopefully save you some of the headaches and challenges I faced in the past.Key #1 To Home Business Success
1) You need a product to sell that pays high commissions.The first key to success in the home business industry is to find a product that pays high commissions. For the most part, the commissions paid out in the home business industry just aren’t high enough for someone to make a full time income from unless they’re able to recruit a small country into their downline. In fact, a few of my mentors had teams of 5,000-10,000 and were still only making a few thousand dollars a month, all while getting stuck on 3 way calls from dawn to the early morning every day.Finding a product that pays 30-70% commissions will make a world of difference to your success in the home business industry. Better yet, is that the commissions will be paid out quickly, not weeks or months down the road. People want to see success early or they’ll end up quitting before they truly get started.Key #2 To Home Business Success
2) Your product needs to be affordable to the masses.The core product needs to be affordable to the masses. You will have far more success offering your products to people if they’re what my mentor calls “under the radar money”. This is a purchase that’s under about $200 that someone can make without causing a major fight over spending with their spouse. One of the big objections people get in the home business industry is “I have to speak to my wife/husband” which is really just an excuse. If your core product is only $25 to say $197 most people will be able to make that purchase themselves and not have to run it by their significant other.Once someone makes that initial buying decision then your goal is to upgrade them to the highest level of products that makes sense to them. Notice I said makes sense to them. Your goal is not to sell the most products regardless of their circumstances. Your goal is to help them achieve their goals, and set them up with the level of products that will best help them achieve that.Key #3 To Home Business Success
3) People need to be able to become profitable in 30 days or less.One of the major reasons people fail in the home business industry is because they don’t see any wins in their first few weeks. To ensure longevity your home business system must enable people who plug in and apply the system to become profitable in 30 days or less. If people are able to become profitable quickly, they’ll become loyal customers for life. If not, they’ll quit and hop around from opportunity to opportunity looking for something that is.Of course, not everyone will become profitable, because not everyone will even take the first step. It’s strange. People will sound all fired up and motivated, and then fall off the face of the planet and never even take the first step towards building a successful home business. It’s just human nature, and there’s nothing you can do about. Focus on helping the people who are in action.Key #4 To Home Business Success
4) Your offering needs to include upsells and higher ticket items to enable someone to make the most amount of money in the least amount of time.Having an affordable core product is great to enable people to get started, but earning $5 or $10 or even $50 isn’t life changing income. In order to create a truly successful home business you need to be able to earn higher ticket commissions.Having the ability to sell $500, $1000, and even $3000 products is how you generate full time income with minimal effort. Making one or two sales of these types of products is how you go from making lunch money to making full time income doing part time work.Key #5 To Home Business Success
5) The corporate videos need to convert on their own.This is a big problem for much of the home business industry. People are drawn in by a compelling, charismatic presenter who has a way with words that just draws people in. The problem is, most people aren’t able to duplicate what their sponsor does or says, and gets rejected every time they try to “show the plan”.Many companies have now produced DVD’s and video for their distributors to hand out, but even those don’t effectively convert viewers into buyers.To be successful in the home business industry you need to have access to corporate videos that can do the telling and selling for you, so that anyone who gets started can just share the video with others and start seeing results. If the corporate videos aren’t effective in converting, then you won’t be successful either.Key #6 To Home Business Success
6) Your offering needs to include marketing training to show people how to build their business beyond their friends and family.Most of the home business industry teaches new people to make a list of their friends and family and to start reaching out to them and inviting them to a presentation. For starters, most people either won’t even make a list, or won’t bother contacting the people they put on the list. A small group of people will contact everyone on their list, and even still will only have a handful of the hundred or so they contact take them up on their offer.Then the question becomes NOW WHAT? How do you continue to grow your business if you’ve already spoken to everyone you know, and only a few of them were interested? Go find new friends by wandering around Walmart asking people if they keep their business options open? I hope that’s not your plan.You need to learn how to market so that people actually looking for what you have to offer come looking for you. Yes, it’s possible, and it’s called Attraction Marketing. If you’re in the home business industry and you’re not employing attraction marketing strategies as part of your daily actions you’re going to run out of people to talk to fast.This isn’t the 70’s and 80’s anymore when no-one had heard of home businesses. Today, pretty much everyone has an experience in the industry, or knows someone who has. Sure those old strategies work, but not nearly as well as they once did, and they never worked as well as attraction marketing does.So there you have the 6 Keys To Home Business Success. I hope you found the information valuable and would appreciate it if you could leave a comment below and let me know your thoughts.