Christian Dior – One of the World’s Top Fashion Houses in the World!

Christian Dior was a French fashion designer who died at the age of 52 from a heart attack. But his company did not die with him. Dior is best known as the founder of one of the world’s top fashion houses. His company, Christian Dior, owns Louis Vuitton, S.A., Mo√ęt Hennessy better known as LVMH which is a French multinational luxury goods conglomerate that is headquartered in Paris. He was a designer of clothes, handbags and other accessories.Christian Dior’s father hoped that his son would become a diplomat, but Christian had other dreams. He was an artist and wanted to be involved in the art world. With the help of his father, at the age of 23, he left school and he and a good friend of his opened a small art gallery. They were fortunate in that they were able to sell paintings from artists such as Pablo Picasso.Unfortunately, after only three years, the art gallery had to be closed. Dior’s mother and brother died and his father’s fertilizer business failed during the Great Depression. Out of work, he took his fashion sketches to fashion designer, Robert Piguet. He worked with Piguet until he was called for military duty in 1940.Dior served two years and when discharged, he returned to the fashion world. He went to work for the fashion house of Lucien Lelong, where he was one of two of the primary designers. During World War II, Dior designed dresses for the wives of Nazi officers and French collaborators like most of the other fashion houses at that time.
Dior left Lelong’s fashion house in 1946. With the financial backing of Marcel Boussac, a textile manufacturing mogul, he opened his own fashion house. Dior’s fashion house quickly became one of the most famous clothing and perfume manufacturers in history.Dior’s first collection was presented in 1947, was coined the “New Look” by Camel Snow, the editor-in-chief of Harper’s Review. His designs were more sexy and voluptuous compared to the normal styles of the World War II era. He was a master designer who envisioned designs that complimented women’s bodies. His dresses flared out from the waist, giving his models a very curvaceous form.Used to the fashion style during the war, women found it very hard to get used to Dior’s designs that covered their legs and were very extravagant. Eventually women got used to the “New Look” and Christian Dior’s designs revolutionized women’s dress and reestablished Paris as the center of the fashion world after World War II.Although Christian Dior was famous for his “New Look” in fashion, he didn’t just design clothes. His designer handbags are some of the most exquisite and expensive handbags in the world. His handbags and other accessories are admired, coveted and treasured by all in the fashion world and the average working woman.